What Type of Sprinkler Head is Right for your Lawn?

Lawn sprinkler automatic watering green yard.

Installing a sprinkler system in your lawn is an excellent way to cut down on your maintenance time while also ensuring your lawn always receives just the right amount of water. All you have to do is set the controls and let the sprinkler do the rest. When it comes to choosing the right sprinklers for your lawn, though, there are several options available. To help you determine which sprinkler head is right for your lawn, we’ve listed the seven most common sprinkler heads as well as their specific features.

Flood/Bubbler Sprinkler Heads

Flood sprinkler heads (also known as bubbler sprinkler heads) disperse water to a small area but are designed to really soak the ground with water. They are a good choice for trees and shrubs which have a deeper root system.

Fixed Spray Heads

A fixed spray sprinkler head sprays out a constant fan of water in a radius of 5′ to 15′. They are a popular choice and ideal for small lawns and shrubs.

Gear Driven Sprinkler Heads

Gear driven sprinkler heads are an ideal choice for medium to large lawns. They run smoothly and quietly and can be adjusted to produce a variety of patterns.

Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

If you don’t want to see the sprinkler heads in your lawn, pop-up sprinkler heads are ideal. These sprinklers remain below ground when they are not in use and pop up above the grass when activated. They are ideal for most any sized lawn and produce even water distribution at a low spray angle.

Multiple Streams

Multiple stream sprinklers produce several, thin streams of water and rotate in a radius of 18′ to 27′. They are great for uneven lawns where varying streams of water may be needed to cover an area

Shrub Sprinklers

As the name suggests, shrub sprinklers are used for watering shrubs and other larger plants such as flowers in a planter or plants in a garden. They are mounted on risers or extensions above the plant and spray water down.

Rotary Heads

Rotary sprinkler heads rotate in a circle while producing a single stream of water. They deliver water more slowly than spray sprinkler heads, which can be ideal if you wish to leave your sprinklers on for an extended period of time.

Choosing the Perfect Sprinkler Head for Your Lawn

There are a lot of advantages to installing a sprinkler system in your lawn. Often times, though, getting the most out of your sprinkler system comes down to choosing the right sprinkler head. If you would like the experts at AI Sprinklers to assist you in choosing the optimal sprinkler head for your lawn, we invite you to contact us today.

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