Important Steps to Care For Your Lawn This Season

grass covered with hoarfrost

A.I. Sprinklers knows that it’s very important to care for your lawn during the Winter season. In fact, it’s the best time of year to attend to any problems you might be having with controllers, sprinkler heads, water pressure regulators, pressure loss, electric wiring, flooding, leaks, or pipe breaks. It’s also the perfect time for installing a brand new sprinkler system. Don’t wait until next Spring to get your landscape, lawn, or sprinkler system looked at. Here’s a list of lawn maintenance services that can be done this winter:

  • Winterizing your sprinkler system makes good sense if there’s the remotest chance of harsh Winter weather coming your way – At the very least each zone of your irrigation system should be checked for leaks, and your freeze and rain sensor must be working correctly. A.I. Sprinklers will conduct a complete winterization checkup for you, including insulating your DCA (Double Check Assembly) and checking all handles to prevent any possible rusting, plus replacing your controller batteries with new ones. We’ll also program your controller, check the entire system for leaks, and add some gravel beneath your DCA to permit water to drain. It usually doesn’t get cold enough in our area to need to do a complete drain or blowout of your system, but we’re prepared for all eventualities. If the forecast is calling for any severe winter weather or even the slightest hint of frost, we’ll be ready!
  • There’s nothing more unattractive than a lawn that has been left to dry out over the winter – A well-designed sprinkler system can come to your rescue by keeping the landscape irrigated, which adds to the natural beauty of your residence
  • Landscaping can still be done throughout the winter in our neck of the woods – The majority of trees and shrubs will grow root structures in the wintertime in preparation for their huge growth spurt in the Spring. You’ll want to have your sprinkler system in A-1 shape. Our company can give your sprinkler system a tune-up, replace or fix any broken or leaking sprinkler heads, sprinkler control boxes, valves, broken pipes, or damaged or spliced wires. We can also repair and clean clogged nozzles, cap off the sprinkler heads, and adjust any poor spray patterns causing wasted water
  • If you have water running that just won’t quit, don’t despair – We provide emergency 24/7 shut-off services
  • Any sprinkler heads you might have that breaks or leaks, is out of adjustment, or has poor water pressure will wind up wasting a lot of water. In fact, your water bill could be easily doubled for any given month!

Contact A.I. Sprinklers for a large variety of sprinkler repair services. We proudly serve Grapevine and areas throughout the DFW Metroplex. We have same day service (plus 24/7 emergency service), have over 25 years of experience, and use only commercial grade products. Plus we’re bilingual! Call now to speak to a licensed irrigator.

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