Landscape Lighting

Photo of garden with covered patio at night

Landscape Lighting Services in Grapevine TX

Landscape lighting brings a backyard and front property alive at night. With the right placement, a bit of lighting can literally change the mood of a property at night, making a backyard transform from a dark yard to a well-lit nighttime playground for relaxing, evening dining, and enjoyment. And, the lighting can showcase prized plants and trees as well for further appreciation after hours.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Technically speaking, landscape lighting commonly used today is low voltage. This 120-volt format is safe to install, works extremely well for property lighting, and costs very little in terms of electricity draw every night when combined with a step-down transformer. Everything from a low dim moonlight effect to a focused beam spotlight show can be put into place with this same equipment. And the equipment used for the actual bulbs and lights are extremely flexible for placement. As a result, this kind of lighting can be placed in trees, on the ground, in culverts and more. The creativity is only limited by the design desired by a client.

The trick to easy placement of outdoor lighting is the cabling involved. Easy to install wiring can be buried underground in shallow channels, keeping the lines protected and grounded properly. Thus there is no need for ugly wiring to appear anywhere when installed properly. However, while all these parts seem easy to install, in reality, they can become quite difficult as a complete installation. And too much load will cause the entire system to short at cross junctions, failing and going dark repeatedly as small, plastic junctions melt and burn out.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation & Maintenance

This is where a professional installation makes a big difference. Load balancing is critical in producing a backyard lighting system that really functions well and reliably. outdoor lighting along garden pathTypically set up in lines of 10 lights per transformer switch, the effects can be completely stunning when constructed by an expert technician.

Once installed, the upkeep should be pretty straightforward. Much of the equipment used is designed specifically for outdoor usage. As long as the bulb housings are kept cleaning with a quick brushing to remove dirt and debris, the lighting should be bright, consistent and long-lasting. Given the wiring being made of brass, stainless steel or copper, most landscape lighting wiring should last for decades and continue to light every night as long as the bulbs are replaced and the load balance is maintained. It’s only when there is short will the system have any issues. And that typically only happens with bad junction use from poor equipment or from tools cutting into a line.

Landscape Lighting Features & Effects

Features of landscape lighting can include and often feature the following:

  • Tree lighting from below – designed to boost the appearance of trees at night, lighting is often placed right at the base of the tree at a sharp angle pointing upward at the tree itself. The focus is on the trunk, however, otherwise the light gets dissipated into the foliage and sky above, losing the desired effect.
  • Plant beds side lighting – the goal is to produce lighting that is widespread and bathes the entire plant bed so it can be seen and enjoyed at night. This allows the eyes move from one plant to the next versus focusing on just one spot.
  • Home façade wash – these lights are placed in the footing below the front home walls and the back of the house but at an angle. The result is a wash of light at night that covers the side wall up to the inside of the roof, highlighting the house design at night.
  • Garden wall choices – Garden walls are generally a variety of features versus just a flat wall. Folks have placed vines, alcoves, patterns and more, all of which can be highlighted with placement of lighting, either as broad flood beams or bullet lights.
  • Specific focus points – of course, one of the traditional and best used of night lights is to focus on a particular aspect of the garden. These focuses can include fountains, a specific garden ornament, and specific plant, or a given tree. Bullet beam lights are most commonly used for this purpose, concentrating light into a bright beam for illumination.

Our professional technicians can expertly install and provide residential or commercial landscape lighting services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. That includes outdoor lighting systems, landscape lighting, repair work and coordination with irrigation and sprinkling systems as well. Contact A.I. Sprinklers in Grapevine, TX today and set up a consultation.