Landscape Design

Landscape architect design traditional chinese garden plan.

Landscape Design Services in Grapevine, TX

When getting ready to put in landscaping or change it out completely, the first big step starts on paper, not a shovel dig. Landscape design is critical in the success of an integrated, holistic approach to landscaping an entire property effectively. And unless a person is a natural artist and architect, going with the help of a professional landscape consulting is a really good idea. Part of the advantage is the simple fact that a professional planner can come in with an outside set of eyes and really objectively advise what could benefit a property and make it far more attractive and useful in terms of landscaping.

Landscape Design Planning Process

The first step in a planning process is the consultation meeting. We come and visit, spending time understanding what the property involves and what the homeowner would like to see regarding of new landscaping. That includes listening to all ideas and analyzing the area, its challenges, and its advantages. We also spend a lot of time understanding how a homeowner wants to use the property. That includes general lawn use, play area, dining area, sitting, and entertainment if desired.

The second part involves identifying potential limitations of the property. That includes the grading and how water flows in terms of drainage. Some can be changed and repaired and some cannot. Additionally, existing trees, shading, and sun exposure will make a big difference in what parts of the property can be enjoyed when. Next, making sure various elements are kept apart in the design needs to be addressed as well. Otherwise, problems with rot and irrigation malfunctions can begin to occur over time.

The planning phase begins with the actual production and development of the landscape design. Depending on what the customer wants and how it will be translated to work teams, the design can be a simple as a drawn diagram map, or far more developed as a color package with specific plant information and details.

Landscape Contracting Services

grapevine tx landscape servicesPlanning can also go a step further and include the landscape implementation details as well. We can provide the specifics on how various aspects of the design should be put into effect. We will provide the recommendations on specific materials, tooling, how the teams are supposed to work, and what will be needed in terms of time for each work phase. In short, it’s a full project management design approach for a property’s landscaping from beginning to end, including all the resource and budgeting necessary. This intensive and encompassing approach works extremely well for large properties and clients who want a full package approach for bidding or for delivery, which we can provide as well.

For those in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area, our landscape design services cover everything from lawn renovations and new layout approaches to sodding services and inlay of entire new lawns, plant work, and softscape materials.