When Should I Start Watering My Lawn Again This Spring?

Woman Watering Lawn and Garden

Spring has nearly sprung, and with the milder temperatures and longer days comes the task of getting your yard spruced up again. There are many steps to whipping your yard back into shape, from raking up debris that accumulated on the lawn from over the winter to overseeding and fertilizing. Generally the last step in the annual yard rejuvenation process is starting up the sprinklers again and preparing to feed your lawn with the water it needs to flourish. And while it’s always a good idea to ensure that your sprinklers are working in good order in early spring, watering is usually something that can wait.

So just when should you start watering your lawn again? Here’s a look:

Lawn Watering in Spring

No two lawns are exactly alike, as the amount of sun and shade a lawn gets as well as what type of grass is growing will certainly help dictate how much water your lawn needs to stay green in the spring and through the dog days of summer. Generally speaking, however, lawn watering isn’t something that homeowners need to worry about right away. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Spring is typically a very rainy season, and temperatures still go down low enough at night to the point where there’s often dew on the ground in the morning. Both rain and morning dew are great fuel for lawns in the spring, and being that they’re likely to be naturally provided, you can keep your sprinklers in waiting for a while.
  • According to Better Lawn Care, homeowners should refrain from watering their lawns until the weather is warm and dry. In fact, putting off watering until your lawn really needs it can actually help it in the long run. Better Lawn Care notes that stresses put on the lawn will help to encourage deeper, healthier root growth.

Smart Watering Tips

Lawns need water to stay green and healthy, so you can bet you’ll be using your sprinklers this summer. Here’s a look at some smart watering tips to keep your lawn looking great while saving on your water bill:

  • Water in the morning: According to The Family Handyman, this is the most effective time to feed the lawn to promote the best growth.
  • Buy a rain gauge: Lawns typically need about an inch of water a week for best results. Measuring the amount of rain water it receives can help you better judge how often you should be watering.
  • Check your sprinklers: Things like damaged sprinkler heads, leaking connections, busted lines, zones overlapping and spraying onto pavement and sidewalks can lead to wasted water. Consider contacting a reputable sprinkler company when it comes time to start up your system each spring to make sure everything is working as it should be.

For more information on smart watering this spring and summer, and to inquire about sprinkler repair and maintenance, contact us today.

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