Drip Irrigation

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Drip Irrigation Services in Grapevine TX

One of the most water efficient means of delivering water to plants and even small trees tends to be drip irrigation. Instead of the large usage and consumption of sprinklers, drippers literally provide a drop at a time at a specific location, allowing the soil and the plant next to the output to absorb the water very easily and keep back what is not needed. Dripper systems are extremely functional at soaking a specific spot and no more, controlling flow to locations and reducing loss. This design works very well for plant beds, small tree locations, and areas where a sprinkler would be watering an area where nothing else needs to grow except one specific plant. And, if desired, mini-sprinklers are still possible with drip systems because the pressure is sufficient.

Drip Irrigation Systems

The versatile nature of drip systems means that these irrigation tools can be connected either to a dedicated water line or a basic hose connection at the faucet coming out of the house wall. Additionally, the hosing is flexible, can be moved periodically, holds up under the elements for a long time, and easy to modify. Drip irrigation lines come in either quarter-inch or half-inch tubing. The tubes are connected with specific joints, and the ends are plugged with an emitter that is pre-designed to allow only so much water to drip out over time.

As plants grow over time, emitters can also be changed and are color-coded so that a user knows right away which type provides more water per hour than the other.

While early on drip irrigation was a simple setup of tubing, connectors, and emitters, today’s drip systems are quite complicated and varied. All sorts of emitter sizes, sprays, sprinklers and tools are now available at most big hardware stores with various sizes of hosing and tubing as well. That said, using the wrong equipment can kill good landscaping just as fast as it can water it extremely well. So the knowledge of what is needed for watering and irrigation is still key. And each manufacturer has a bit of a different approach to how their system is put together and works.

Drip Irrigation System Planning

A trained technician will start with the complete mapping of a homeowner’s property to determine what is needed. By developing a landscaping design for the drip irrigation, Flowers planted with drip irrigation watering systemthe exact parts, length of lines, connectors, and conduits can all be identified correctly and accurately the first time. Instead of guessing as one goes along, the professional technician uses just the right parts and tube lengths and produces a system that works reliably. This planning will take into account the particular manufacturing brand used and its limitations as well versus another brand.

What are the Benefits of Drip Irrigation?

Again, drip irrigation is a great way of distributing water without the damaging effects of overflow. Controlled drip delivery ensures that just the right amount is provided, which provides a far greater probability of healthy growth and drainage. Additionally, the home and property are not dealing with heavy over-watering, erosion and root rot due to water saturation. To obtain such help and assistance in establishing a quality drip system for a home in the Grapevine, TX area, our technicians can help with experience, equipment knowledge, and practice.

Can I Build My Own Drip Irrigation System?

Yes, a homeowner could easily go to a big box store and get drip irrigation equipment to install it him or herself. That is very true. However, what often happens is that people who only do an installation once versus almost every other day make lots of mistakes with the wrong materials, and that becomes apparent in the water, flow, die-off of plants with too much or too little water delivery, and breakage in equipment matched up the wrong way. With a professional approach, a homeowner can sit back and plan for other changes around the home while a quality drip irrigation system is being put into place right the first time.

Given the difference in what a professionally-installed drip irrigation system can provide once complete, why would anyone want to do different if given the choice? Let our technicians take on the hand work and set up of your landscaping needs so that you can focus on planning and what comes next. Contact A.I. Sprinklers today and schedule a consultation.