Drainage Solutions

Drainage & Irrigation Solutions in Grapevine, Texas

Drainage done right can maintain irrigation for a property for years, making sure excess water is moved efficiently to conduits that eventually take it out to the gutter or municipal drain and away from the property. Done wrong, and drainage can create large pools that cause big problems and rotting damage to property, fixtures, landscaping and even destruction of hardscapes such as cement patios and walkways.

Poor Drainage Results in Serious Damage

Just as water is critical for helping plants and lawns grow, it can be a serious problem too. Water tends to be one of the most powerful and persistent corrosive elements in nature because it is relentless. While water has no acidic nature, it wears away at things or causes them to expand with moisture. Then, when the water dries out, the gaps allow dirt and intrusion and more water to get in at a later time. This cyclical condition triggers erosion, decomposition of organic building materials, and general loss of integrity of ground and plant material. More than one backyard and garden have been seriously damaged by falling retaining walls, erosion, plant die-off, and soil movement thanks to water and poor drainage.
Other problems with excess water pooling and poor drainage in landscapes can include:

  • Growth of plant material like mold and mildew in dark areas
  • House foundation movement
  • Plant and flora die-off due to rotting roots
  • Increased problems with bugs and mosquitos
  • Tool malfunction when used on wet soil such as lawnmowers
  • Mud creation and footprint sinking due to soft soil
  • Pooling and compaction of soil due to water weight
  • Saturation effects with standing water
  • Stains to grass in whole sections of lawn as roots are saturated and turn swampy
  • Increased humidity levels in the general area with heavy water evaporation in the immediate air

How to Fix Drainage Problems

Corner of wooden house with gutter on a background of blue skyTo find out how to repair or plan out proper drainage for a given property, homeowners are best served by calling us for a consultation and meeting with one our expert technicians. Our staff can come out and really examine what is needed for drainage, what exists already, and what can be added or improved. Customers in the Grapevine, TX and throughout the DFW area can have a full drainage system dug, laid in, and put into operation very quickly. Water is then expertly drawn away and redirected from the house foundation to outer street drains. Plants, foliage, and lawns are kept healthier with just the water they need and excess is removed by the force of gravity and draining. Structures remain strong and reliable because they are no longer being undercut by erosion as well.

Types of Drainage Systems & Designs

Some of the more powerful drainage designs we can provide include the following:

  • Catch basins – these lower level points pull water from large areas by creating a simple gravity basin that water moves toward within the soil.
  • Gutter line down spouting – An incredible amount of water can come from a house roof. With proper downspout direction, that water is channeled away from a home instead of at its foundation when the gutter pipe ends at the ground level.
  • Sump pump installation/maintenance – Normal operating sump pumps move water from basements and low-level rooms and put it outside near a drain so it won’t come back in. A proper sump pump will work automatically, always keeping any drainage into basement area from building up and flooding the foundation of the home.

So again, if your home needs help with drainage, our Grapevine, TX offices and technicians can help with all kind of drainage solutions. That includes installation of French drains, channeling, sump pump work and more.